Instant, No Downtime, Comfortable

First created by Margaret L Larson, ARNP in collaboration with her Lead Master Esthetician they combined multiple technologies to optimize her time and need for radiant, glowing skin 24/7 and especially for events, photoshoots and filming. Combination laser and HydraFacialMD™ therapy and amazing results have been the trademark of Larson Medical Aesthetics.

The Larson Elevated Signature Facial  is a 4-Step process to reach every layer of the skin of the face and neck utilizing 4 medical level of treatment technology and modalities for instant glow.

BEST CANDIDATES: Those looking for the instant WOW factor for presentations, special events, like weddings and anniversaries, and photoshoots and those looking for long-term prevention, restoration and maintenance.

TREATMENT PLAN: Your plan starts with your skin and laser consultation with the licensed master esthetician. Together you will design your personal treatment plan that includes the pharmaceutical-grade Larson Skin Care Products to enhance your results and for maintenance.

Step-1 HydraFacialMD™ gentle cleansing of your skin then apply a glysol chemical peel for deep cleaning and exfoliation of debri and dead skin.

Step-2 Deep dermal heating to shrink collagen, tighten and lift the skin with the CO2 Laser or Accent Prime™ radio-frequency technology.

Step-3 Deep resurfacing for further tightening, lifting and correction of brown spots with the ClearLift™ Pixel Laser.

Step-4 Plump and hydrate the skin with the Delux HydraFacialMD® serums, growth factors and/or hyaluronic acid followed by a light facial massage.

RESULTS: Instant radiant glow and lift of the face and neck. For lasting results you would incorporate The Larson Elevated Signature Facial  into your monthly treatment plan, including Larson Skin Care products to enhance and maintain the results.

PRICE: $1840 (Value $2629)

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