Regenica is a revolutionary skincare line complete with human derived growth factors. Dr. Gail McNaughton, creator of the popular TNS growth factor used in SkinMedica’s flagship TNS Essential Serum, took her research one step further in creation of Regenica.

Dr. McNaughton was inspired by fetal surgery, and that the embryonic environment heals scars before birth. To recreate this response in the skin’s ability to regenerate itself she created Regenica’s MRCx technology.



Regenica Renew SPF 15 – Light, non-greasy moisturizer with growth factors and SPF. Perfect for daily use as a morning cream, and has a delicate mandarin scent.


Regenica Replenish – Similar to Renew, but without the SPF. Suggested often as a night cream, to introduce growth factors to replenish the skin while sleeping.


Regenica Repair – A light serum that is full of growth factors. Often recommended for after procedures, or when the skin could use an additional dose of healing nutrients. Also great for people susceptible to acne, as the serum will not clog  skin that may be oily or sensitive to creams.



Regenica Recovery Gel

Recovery Gel is a small, potent balm that Margaret L. Larson, ARNP, recommends for post injection. This serum is full of Regenica’s MRCxgrowth factors along with other  healing agents – arnica, vitamin K, aloe vera, beta-glucan, and SymCalmin.

Often with injection treatments there can be extra healing needed at the point of injection. Margaret recommends use of Regenica Recovery Gel at these areas to speed the healing process.






Regenica Revitalizing Eye Crème

RegeniRegenica_Eye Smallca Revitalizing Eye Crème is specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes. Eye treatment creams and serums are designed to have smaller molecules to be able to penetrate the fine skin around the eyes.

Complete with growth factors, peptides and anti-oxidants, the Revitalizing Eye Crème is moisturizing but non-greasy. This treatment product is a favorite of Margaret L. Larson, ARNP of Larson Family Medicine & Medical Aesthetics and she recommends it for patients who are concerned with dark circles and lines that naturally occur with age around the eyes.

Where to Find RegenicaFinal Larson LogoCentered

The full Regenica skincare line is available for purchase from Larson Family Medicine & Medical Aesthetics in Burien.

After a complimentary consultation with an expert esthetician about your needs and concerns, the perfect regimen of skincare will be prescribed to you and available for purchase. With regular use, Regenica Renew, Replenish and Repair will on average 3 to 6 months.

If you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, you can find a physician near you with the Regenica website “Provider Locator”.

To learn more about Regenica skincare and MRCx™ technology visit www.regenica.com.


The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes.  It should not be considered as, or used in conjunction with, professional medical advice.  Consult your medical provider prior to beginning any skin care regimen or if you have been diagnosed with any disorder involving the skin.