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Regenerative Aesthetics

After 2 years of review of the research and outcomes of platelet rich plasma treatments (PRP) we decided to add it to our menu of services.
Q: What is Regenerative Aesthetics?

A: For us Regenerative Aesthetics is a holistic approach to aging well and fits with our overall philosophy of a healthy living and aging. Regenerative Aesthetics is primarily using the beneficial effects of your own platelets to deliver healing, restorative growth factors to the skin and tissues. The many growth factors in the PRP can increase blood flow and tissue repair and promote healing among other beneficial effects.

Regenerative Aesthetics

Q: How do you get the PRP?

A: Your provider draws your blood into special vials then places it into the FDA approved Eclipse PRP Centrifuge, known for producing a high concentration of PRP. The spinning effect of the centrifuge separates the platelets, concentrating in the plasma making PRP. The PRP is aspirated into a syringe and needs to be used the same day.

How do you get the PRP

Q: What are the areas treated and potentially the end results?
A: Your platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be injected just about anywhere:

1. Scalp for hair growth.

2. Face and body for healthy glow and enhance the effects of fillers, Genital area to enhance sexual health and arousal.

3. The PRP treatments can enhance hormone replacement and ED (erectile dysfunction) treatments with the pulsed therapy device EVIVE.

4. Joint treatment is a medical treatment but PRP can be helpful to treat sore joints.

5. In addition to injections the PRP can be applied to the skin after skin treatments such as laser and chemical peel treatments. This application can facilitate healing and end results.

You may have heard P Shot.

What are the areas treated and potentially the end results

Q: What are the potential side effects?

A: Any time you poke with a needle there is a risk of a bruise, tenderness, swelling and infections. Since the PRP is coming directly from the patient there are virtually no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection. We have area specific informed consents that will cover potential side effects in more detail.

 What are the potential side effects?

Q: What are the costs?
A: The cost will be $800-1200 per treatment and you can expect to repeat the treatments for optimal results, then maintenance treatments.

cost of PRP

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