Sara Titus, Certified Lifestyle Educator

Sara Titus, Certified Lifestyle Educator

Hello All! Sara Titus here at Larson Family Medicine!

Today is day five of my fourth time going through our Metagenics Clear Change Program. It’s a 10 to 28 day metabolic detoxification utilizing UltraClear Renew medical food as well as supplement to help support your liver during the detox process. Metagenics has recently added to the program with Clear Change Daily Essentials that assists with the program as well for added support for you liver and kidneys during the program.

Clear Change Daily Essentials are also beneficial for people who work in industries where they encounter toxic substances such as ship yards, transportation fields, etc. One of the reasons I like doing the Clear Change Program is that it’s like a “Spring cleaning” to get rid of some of the junk in our bodies and get back to running at peak performance again. Over time we build up toxins from our environment that put a burden on our bodies and our bodies don’t work as efficiently as they should.

The main focus of the program is the low allergen diet that removes foods that can increase internal toxic burden. As you progress in the program you eliminate specific food groups and increase the amount of medical food (a powered shake) that you drink each day, days 5-7 you have the shake four times a day. Days 8 and 9 you start to reintroduce food groups and see how your body responds. I’ve noticed that I’ve really enjoyed different types of fish (the main source of protein) doing this program. Also finding different ways to prepare it has been an adventure.

I’ll keep you posted on how I do through the end of the program. For more information please visit

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