Wanted: 45-55-year-old male

Male model

Larson Medical Aesthetics is looking for a male READY to take steps towards RegenerativePerfection©.

Models receive 30% off the Regenerative Perfection© Treatment Package: One Bellafill® Kit, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Silhouette Instalift® Kit for a
face and neck lift and a PlasmaIQ® wrinkle eraser treatment.
The package will address the 3Ds of Aging: Deflation, Descent, and Deterioration by restoring volume, repositioning, lifting, and resurfacing the skin.
Model expectations may include the use of photographs, audio, or video recordings for the following:
⦁ Professional and educations presentations
⦁ Online advertisement
⦁ Educational videos, brochures, or publications
⦁ Marketing videos, brochures, or publications
⦁ For complete details and a copy of the Model Release form please call or email us.

Please call us at 888-716-9627 or email contact@LarsonMedicalAesthetics.com NOW to secure your spot as our 2021 Regenerative Perfection© Model!