Life on Hold – Self-Care Begins

life on hold

The extension of the Stay Home Stay Safe order can be a curse or a gift. As a business owner it seems like a curse but could it be a gift at the same time depending how I choose to look at it. What if this additional month is an opportunity to come out stronger? We’re not just fighting the COVID-19 virus by flattening the curve this spring it likely to be back in the fall and winter.

As a family nurse practitioner serving patients in my practice it is my duty to take care of myself and keep a strong immune system as I am exposed to bacteria and viruses every day. We follow the infectious disease precautions and use PPE (personal protective equipment) and have upped the game. The point is as healthcare providers and staff have a responsibility to stay strong and healthy so we can continue to serve others.

Moving forward with having another month let’s think of it as an opportunity of reflection, self-care and spiritual and personal growth. If you have children or other family at home, seek out moments of joy and peace in the midst of this chaotic time.

Your immune system involves the balance of your mind, body and spirit, a basic foundation of nursing philosophy.

Think about “STRESS”. Stress can affect your immune system. Stress can be emotional and physical (injury or illness). When you have stress, things happen in the body to make you more vulnerable to infection and disease. That is, we want to prevent and my purpose of this blog.

Recognizing we’ve already been sheltering in place for 6 weeks the following exercise and resources come with a goal of a stronger immunity to reduce stress (emotional and physical) and fight off infection for now and thereafter.

I’m keeping it simple because the components of a healthier immune system is a topic in itself.

Take your time reading the words and take deep breaths as you read each word out loud.

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(Inhale) Mind -Protect, Reflect, Relax, Learn, Grow, (Exhale) Peace

(Inhale) Body -Protect, Healthy Lifestyle & Weight, (Exhale) Strength

(Inhale) Spirit -Protect, Reflect, Learn, Grow, (Exhale) Receive, Gratitude, Peace


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God Bless you and your love ones. Margaret L Larson,  MSN, ARNP, FNP-C