Tattoos are becoming more common, and also more accepted in the United States. One source says that 40% of the American population between the ages of 26 to 40 has at least one tattoo. Once thought to be permanent, science of lasers has advanced to be able to completely remove tattoos over a treatment period of a year or more.

Some of the most common tattoos that people want to remove include tattoo-artist-556036_1280tattoos from artists that were by unskilled tattoo artists, impulse driven tattoos, hand tattoos, and facial tattoos. Whatever the reason for getting the tattoo, no need to explain why you want it removed.

At Larson Medical Aesthetics our master estheticians use Alma Lasers’ “Clearlift” technology to permanently remove tattoos. Consultations are free, and custom packages can be created to fit individual needs.

How does tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal is accomplished by a very specific and powerful laser operated by a master esthetician. The light from the laser is attracted to dark pigment (ink) deep in the layers of skin. Basically, the laser breaks up the ink particles and then the body will naturally heal the area and dispose of the leftover ink particles as waste.

How many treatments will I need?

For initial tattoo removal we start our packages at 8 treatments. Sometimes 8 treatments will be able to remove the tattoo completely if the artist was light handed and used black ink. Most people need more treatments to completely remove the deepest inks and also hard to target colors. Every tattoo is different, and only the esthetician treating you will be able to estimate the number of sessions needed.


How long in between sessions?

It is best to schedule your treatments 8 to 10 weeks apart, to ensure for the adequate healing.

What does laser tattoo removal feel like?

Laser tattoo removal can be described as tolerable to very painful depending on the person. Patients say that it feels like a hot rubber band hitting the skin, and sometimes more of a “quick burn” sensation. We offer topical and injectable numbing during medical office hours for patients who are very sensitive to pain. But, numbing the area will decrease the results of the treatment, so almost all patients opt to go without numbing.

Our estheticians are very skilled and perform this treatment every day. They are very quick and sensitive to patient needs. The treatment doesn’t last for very long and generally there is no pain after the treatment is finished.

Can I tan if I get laser tattoo removal?

If you tan outside or in a tanning bed, or even get spray tanned you cannot receive laser tattoo removal within one month. A tan (or sunburn) is the result of injury to the skin from the sun and your skin will not be strong enough to tolerate a laser. Spray tans introduce pigment to the skin, and are a contraindication to laser treatment.

Additionally your skin will not be able to tolerate tanning in the treatment area until after it is completely healed. Be careful about spray tanning as well, as it may introduce bacteria to the very sensitive treatment area.

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