JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel is a treatment option for moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Juvederm a great option for a temporary filler in the nasolabial fold area – the lines that occur naturally with age that go from the edge of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

Over time we lose collagen that supports the fat compartments in the face that give a youthful, lifted appearance. Treatment with Juvederm to plump these areas can give the look of a younger you with little downtime.

Why Juvederm?Juvederm_XC_4C

Margaret L. Larson, ARNP, nationally recognized master injector of Larson Family Medicine & Medical Aesthetics says that Juvederm is one of her favorite products to use because of the beautiful results it creates and the texture of the product itself. It is a cost effective and smart solution for someone looking to try filler for the first time, or for a special event.

How long does it last?LauraCompact

Allergan, the company that manufactures Juvederm reports that it will last for 9 to 12 months before it is metabolized into the body. At Larson Family Medicine & Medical Aesthetics we find this is the average, but people with very high metabolisms and active lifestyles may see their treatment fade quicker. On the other hand, some patients have reported results for even longer than 12 months. Every treatment is different, and every body responds differently.

Because Juvederm is temporary, we recommend eventually opting for treatment with long lasting filler, Bellafill, to avoid multiple injections.

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