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Male Enhancement Technology

The EVIVE Acoustic Wave Technology is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease, and optimize sexual performance. The high frequency, low-intensity acoustic waves cause the body to revascularize and restore healthier tissues and breaks up scar tissue in the treatment area. This treatment is non-invasive, no surgery, no pills (example: Viagra), all-natural, and facilitates long-term results.

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What to Expect

Typically, clients will need 12 sessions within 6-12 weeks. Each one is a short 20-minute treatment and prior to treatment you apply a topical numbing cream to reduce any discomfort. There is no downtime and signs of positive effects are often seen after several treatments. For most, longer lasting effects are experienced after the completion of the 12 sessions, some requiring more treatments. Due to the varying causes of ED and stages of diseases contributing to ED the results and timing of follow up treatments vary.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? 

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to keep or get an erection firm enough to have sex. Having this issue from time to time usually is not an issue, but if it’s an ongoing issue it can cause challenges in relationships, stress and effect your self-confidence. 

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction affects million worldwide and is a true medical condition. Acoustic Wave Therapy addresses the poor blood flow that comes with chronic diseases that causes ED.


Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease can be an Erectile Dysfunction cause and is most commonly recognized as a curvature of the penis, caused by fibrous scar tissue that typically develops from some type of trauma. This scar tissue can cause painful erections, sexual dysfunction, and a bend in the penis. Most men with Peyronie’s Disease can benefit from Acoustic Wave Therapy and it is one of the only surgery-free and injection-free options available.


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