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Say goodbye to stubborn body fat with Coolsculpting® Experts

Coolsculpting® is for those who want to rid body fat without
liposuction or surgery.

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When Stubborn Fat won’t Budge Coolsculpting® Can Take You Further

Have you been working hard to lose the love handles and belly pooch, but nothing is helping? Are you scared that liposuctions and surgeries are harmful for your body and leave scars? Coolsculpting® is a harmless way to freeze those stubborn fats in your body without scarring your skin cells with needles and stitches. There is little to no downtime, so visit our Coolsculpting® Center in Burien near Tacoma WA for Coolsculpting® and watch your fat get frozen and processed out of your body. A painless procedure that surely leaves a lasting impact on your image, so don’t miss out on this chance of getting slim. Book your appointment today for Coolsculpting® in Burien near Tacoma, Wa.


CoolSculpting processes fat cells in an easy, non-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively.

How does Coolsculpting work?

Coolsculpting®, or cryolipolysis is an FDA approved cosmetic treatment to remove fat from specific areas of the body. It does not involve cutting, surgery or anesthetics, so it is safe and less risky than liposuction. In our Coolsculpting® Tacoma WA center, the technician cools the skin above the fatty tissue, the cold does not damage other cells so there will be no damage to the skin or underlying tissues, only a cooling numbing sensation. The fat breaks down under freezing temperature and crystalizes then is later discarded from the body through natural procedures. The Coolsculpting® process hardly requires 1 hour and there is little to no down time since no damage is done.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat?

Just 1 hour of treatment and you lose the double chin and how great is that? Depending upon the area and severity of the fat will determine how many sessions it will take. What’s even better is that there are no strict diet plans, supplements or pills that you have to waste your money and time on because all you have to do is take 1 hour out of your day and visit our  office for your Coolsculpting® procedure and then your stubborn fat will be naturally eliminated from  body in 1 to 3 months.

CoolSculpting Treatment

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“Lose Love handles, Double Chin and Belly pooch by freezing your fat cells. How Cool is that?”
Book your appointment  for Coolsculpting® in Burien near Tacoma WA.

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Say Farewell to Stubborn fats with Coolsculpting® in Burien
near Tacoma WA

Different fat burning procedures use harmful waves and lasers that destroy skin and underlying tissues. Coolsculpting® is the coolest way to get rid of fat cells without harming the skin and other cells around it. The fat cells die under freezing temperatures and are eliminated in natural ways. You can have a perfect jaw line and summer ready body by the Coolsculpting® Experts in our Burien Coolsculpting® Center. Our Coolsculpting® expert technician will talk with you on how many
sessions you will need so you feel prepared.

Take 1 hour out of your day to visit Larson Medical Aesthetics Burien Coolsculpting® Center near Tacoma

Coolsculpting® procedure requires minimal time to freeze the fat cells from the difficult areas of the body like chin, love handles, back and tummy. The results are visible and lasting. After the procedure there is little to no down time allowing you to get back to your life right away. Within a few weeks you can see the results, and gradually the love handles will disappear and your body will be summer ready.

Coolsculpting for men in Seattle and Bellevue

Research Claims Coolsculpting® to be very effective and Harmless

The quantity of fat cells is set during youth and pre-adulthood and changes slightly during adulthood. Sometimes no matter how much you diet and exercise you always have stubborn areas of fat that just don’t go away. We all carry fat differently and have more stubborn areas that others, no matter the case Coolsculpting® can help. The researchers have spent years to develop a successful and noninvasive method to remove fat cells. Research shows that Coolsculpting is harmless and reduces up to 25% fat in the treated area. Larson Medical Aesthetics Coolsculpting® Center in Burien near Tacoma provides a free consultation to go over the procedure, questions, concerns, how many sessions you many need andpayment options.

What will I expect on my Coolsculpting® session at Larson Medical Aesthetics Coolsculpting® Center in Burien near Tacoma WA?

  •  Now you wait
    During the treatment you can chat with your esthetician about Coolsculpting®, maybe take a nap or catch up on emails. After your session is up your esthetician will massage the treated area to break up the frozen fat cells. That’s it! Most patients experience practically zero personal time after treatment. One treatment with Coolsculpting® decreases up to 20-25% of fat cells in the treated zone. You may require more than one treatment to arrive at your ideal outcomes and capitalize on your Coolsculpting® experience.
  •  Let the cooling Begin
    You’ll feel a slight sucking sensation as the utensil clings to your  body. During the session you may feel tingling, very cool sensation, stinging, pulling, slight pinching at the treatment site. As the area numbs these sensations will go away.

  • We Prep you for the procedure
    A technician will apply a gel cushion to the treatment zone. This makes an obstruction between the cooling board and your skin. You will most likely be able to lay down comfortable during your session.

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Can Coolsculpting® target those stubborn areas?

Coolsculpting® is for subcutaneous fat or in other words pinchable fat. Coolsculpting® can treat both men and women in areas such as arms, love handles, bra fat, double chin, and tummy pooch.

What number of CoolSculpting® treatments do I need?

While you will see up to a 20-25% fat decrease in the treated zone after a single
treatment, it depends upon the individual and the area being treated. Your Expert Coolsculpting® technician will work with you to decide whether extra treatments
are important to arrive at your ideal objective. Usually it will take about 2-3
procedures with 1 month in between.

When will I see results?

You’ll begin to see changes in about 1-3 months after your Coolsculpting® treatment.

WHAT happens to the frozen fat cells?

Coolsculpting® is a process called cryolipolysis, which freezes the fat in treated areas. The frozen fat cells are then crystalized and die. Over time your body will naturally dispose of the dead fat cells leaving you with a more sculpted body.

Is the Coolsculpting® treatment safe?

Coolsculpting® has been approved by the FDA to treat stubborn fat areas. Yes, it is very safe. Although, CoolSculpting® is contraindicated for people who have cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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I’ve been going here for a year now for laser hair removal and have only good things to say. Clean and upscale facility, very fair pricing with discounts available, friendly and experienced staff. Highly recommend.

Emily Ellison, University Place, WA

Excellent products and services; well-trained friendly staff who are proficient in the procedures. I’ll keep coming back even though it is an hour drive each way!

Jessica Blank, Seatlle, WA

This is an awesome place in Tacoma. The staff was so friendly and nice. Explaining to me what would give me the best results. Thank you.

Annette Blackmore, Tacoma

Ms. Larson is my new provider for Coolsculpting I’m very pleased with her attention. Her staff is wonderful and very pleasant. Ms. Larson has my complete confidence.

Gary Hughes, Burien, WA

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*All photos and claims depict real results, however results may vary person to person.

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