A healthy immune system provides multiple response layers against seasonal changes. The strength of this barrier can be weakened by lifestyle habits that can deplete the bodys reserves, such as stress, fast foods, and lack of exercise. Replenishing nutrients essential to healthy immune function can help, as well as ensuring adequate rest and relaxation.

Get more powerful immuno-supportive nutrition. The following nutrients help you build a healthy “core” defense on a daily basis, or provide more intensive support when you feel you need it most:

High potency vitamin C-Look for a clinically tested vitamin C complex that is buffered (to prevent stomach upset) and shown to have greater absorption to enhance the body’s natural defense system.
Health-enhancing mushrooms Shiitake, reishi, fu-ling, turkey tail, oyster, cordyceps, and maitake mushrooms all offer a time-tested approach to a healthy defense system.
Essential zinc -Helps keep your mucosal membrane healthy and supports the production of white blood cells and natural killer cells.
Oleanolic acid -Shown in preliminary studies to enhance total white blood count for a stronger immune defense.
Selenium-This antioxidant mineral also plays a role in immune function, including white blood cell activity.

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