Many of you are asking about having your own Botox Party, usually at your place of business or mine. The following is the how to:
1. Hostess Responsibilities:
a. Identify and contact a minimum of 10 people to participate and maximum of 30 per event
b. Communicating to participants the conditions (and specials) for the event
c. Email the participants the forms to complete in print and bring to the event. Participants name and signature are required on all forms.
i. Registration Form (demographic information must be completed)
ii. Medical History Form
iii. Botox Consent Form
iv. Juvederm Filler Consent Form, if appropriate
v. Radiesse Filler Consent Form, if appropriate
vi. Latisse Eye History Form, if appropriate
d. Recommend the participants register for Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program where they can earn points ($25-50) for future purchases of Botox, Juvederm, Latisse and Vivite` Skin Care products. They need to select Margaret Larson,ARNP as their provider to get the points. Here is the link:
e. Remind the participants the day before the event
f. Provide a pleasant, calm, tasteful environment and food and non-alcoholic beverages for adults only (no alcohol, no children)
g. Provide 1-2 rooms for injections with enough space for a massage table (s) (~12x12feet)

2. Conditions:
a. Location: I prefer one of my clinic locations but under certain circumstances will come to your home or place of business.
b. Date and Time: after office hours such as Friday (6-8p) or Saturday (2-6p or 4-8p).
c. Participants must call our Burien office at 206.244.5477 two weeks in advance to secure their timeslot and provide a credit card number. There will be a $100 deposit that can be applied to their purchase of service (Botox or Filler) or Product (Latisse Kit).
d. Minimum purchase of Botox is 20U at $10/unit or $200.
e. Hostess gift: 20U Botox free for 10 participants or more.
f. Cancellation Policy: To cancel your timeslot you must call the Burien office at 206.244.5477 48 hours prior to the event then we would credit your $100 back.
If it seems too complicated don’t panic we can talk you through it…
Call 206.244.5477 today to schedule your event.